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About The Center for Geriatric and Family Psychiatry

The Center offers a full range of clinical expertise which may be provided by an advanced practice registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker or psychiatrist. Treatment is provided by teams composed of a psychiatrist and a clinician. Our neuropsychologist can provide on site evaluations of cognitive funcioning. 

Symptoms commonly treated include depression, anxiety, changes in memoryfamily stress, and interpersonal stress. Other behavioral or emotional symptoms may be treated as well.

We also offer assessments to determine legal capacity when decision making becomes a concern for an elder. 

At the first appointment, symptoms, health history, family history, and current life situation are reviewed. Recommendations for treatment are discussed and a plan of care is developed.

Treatment may include counseling or psychotherapy, patient and family education, medication prescription and monitoring. The fees for these services and the expected insurance coverage are reviewed.

Our clinical staff provides on-call telephone services after office hours for urgent and/or emergency situations for patients who are currently being treated at The Center. 

Insurance and Billing

Mental health care is reimbursed by insurance carries based on the service provided and the nature of the condition being treated. 

The clinical staff participates with a variety of insurance carriers. 

It is possible that services rendered may not be paid for in full by some insurance carriers. We are providers for Traditional Medicare Plans and some, but not all, secondary insurance plans.

We do NOT accept any Medicare Advantage plans.

Many insurance carriers require the patient to make a co-payment. 

It is the responsibility of the patient to determine if our clinical staff are providers for your insurance.